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Teen Poets

Teens who write Poetry
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This is a community for teens who write poetry and creative writing(mainly poetry, but all creative writing is welcomed as well) This community was made because I was searching for a writing community, but all of them were for experienced writers, where I would feel out of place. So I made one just for teens.

Respect each other
Critiques are helpful to writers but flames are not
Any pieces of writing with profanity, graphic images, etc. should be behind a LJ-Cut with a warning
If you want to show a piece of writing that would be rated R if it was a movie, DEFINETLY place behind a cut with a warning. Anything that would be rated above R is not allowed at all.
Most of all..

~*~*~*When You Join...~*~*~
This is not an application for acceptance, this is just a form to get to know you when you join.

Favorite Books:
Favorite Music:

Why do you like writing poetry?:
How long have you been writing?:
What are your writings mainly about?:

~*~*~When You Post~*~*~
You do not have to fill this out every time you post, but it would be helpful:

Name of Writing:
What Type of Writing(poem, short story, long story, etc.):
If it was a movie, what rating would it be(G, PG,etc):
Any Warnings here: